Saturday, November 25, 2006

Shifting The Cloud

We get up to do the papers this morning as Son is still in Derby.

After that we fall back into bed. We ought to be up and on the park with Doggo, going for a swim or to the Gym but lie-ins are such a rare and precious thing. Instead we spend the next three hours in bed but not sleeping obviously. It is a man's duty to try and do what he can to shift his woman's black cloud. Three hours, minus some time out for a couple of coffee breaks, later, there is definitely much more sunshine and blue sky.

Regrettably once we finally get up I sense the sky clouding over again as the lack of physical activity (of the none sexual kind) tops it up again. Daughter not getting off the bus at the right stop and ending up in the centre of town doesn't seem to help.

The cricket has taken a turn for the worst.

My afternoon is spent watching Derby win again, 1-0 over Leicester. The result is ground out in a not very attractive style, so I have still seen no evidence of their wonderful play they save for away games. A win is a win they say. Hmmm. Can we have some football please lads?

On to the really serious stuff and I have a total nightmare in the fantasy. Henry, my captain, is rule out with a bad neck! Everyone seems to know this apart from me. Johnson pulls his hamstring pre-match. Things get worse when they kick off. One of my defenders brings down the striker from my rivals team. My defender is sent off, while his striker gets up and scores the penalty. My chap scores -2.

By 5pm I only have 2 points, everyone else seems to have 30+. In the late match Faye scores for Bolton, I consider pointing the car towards Bolton, running on the pitch and kissing the guy. That would liven up the Sky commentary. In the end I head for home, I have a dog to exercise and a black cloud to try and disperse.

The kids are back, well temporarily, Sons gone off to war and Daughter has gone to a birthday sleepover. We walk the three miles to the Victoria again. Where the Bramble Stout is wonderful.

We return home, avoiding all takeaways, and have L's beans and frankfurter dish that is designed to soak up the alcohol. I can certainly say that it works. Haven't had hangovers in months.

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