Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sweet And Fruity South African

On bus today. Had to run for it again! Lure of my bed obviously too great; either that or the weight of the collie on my legs.

Keep getting emails telling of snow in Glencoe; one of my favourite places. Keeping checking the webcam on the Kingshouse Hotel but there isn't much to shout about; although there's definitely snow on top of the hills. All the same won't be getting the skis down out of the loft just yet.

Have been criticised for not using semi-colons in my blog. This is because I have never been sure how to use them! All the same I will certainly try and use them more often, usually in the wrong places. So now I'll get told off and told to put commas instead!

L's been upsetting the men at the swimming pool again. Apparently all the men get out the pool when L and the other female psychos turn up. The only thing worse than a male psycho is a female one, not surprised they got out. You don't tangle with a female psycho; especially not when she's wearing an aggressive swim suit; is in the process of doing 40 lengths and doesn't even need a sports drink to achieve it; and particularly if you've been on the end of one of her massages!

Oops. While I was discussing female psychos with L I accidentally sent the email to someone else! Now he wants to know what an aggressive swim suit is and asks if he can see a photo!

On the way home there was a young chap on the bus trying to chat up this girl who was sat opposite him. They seemed to be getting on quite well but then she picked up a book. His face visibly dropped; she was obviously getting bored with him. Then he (and I) saw what it was she was reading; it was the New Testament! His expression turned to one of absolute pain, as if she'd kicked him in the balls (she hadn't; I check her feet were still firmly on the ground). Felt like going over to him; consoling him and telling him to see it as a challenge; then again aren't all women a challenge.

Daughter at Guides tonight; me and Doggo walk with her and zigzag our way there; from pillar to post; bush to tree; etc. Then onto dog class again. Back home with an orange dog; covered in the sand of the training arena.

Me and L retire to bed with a bottle of South African White, which isn't bad; slightly sweet; slightly fruity. We put the world to rights again and also attempt to pick the best films and music of the year so far. We really struggle picking good films but picking good music proves easier.

L offers and I accept, even though my thigh still hurts; I should have asked my psycho for a another massage.

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