Friday, November 10, 2006


Bike ride a bit chilly today, I have frost bite in my toes now. Used the cycle path all the way from Borrowash, 57 mins so about the same time. Path wasn’t very nice at first, grit track and a bit stony, not really bike friendly unless you have Mountain Bike but from half way it was tarmac. Not sure I’ll use it again or not. Definitely safer as it goes nowhere near any traffic, although there is a risk of falling into the Derwent.

Only thing I had to stop for were the multitude of dogs out for their morning constitutionals. One little rat nearly had me off as it ran up to me to say hello, the track has no grip on the grit section and I pulled off quite an impressive slide despite the fact I was doing all of 5mph but didn’t fall off. Winter tyres are on my Xmas list!

Had my high 5 banana shake, made it will all milk (no water) and extra high five, it was actually quite nice but a bit lumpy!

Fantasy Football emails are already arriving as I switch my computer on. My mobile beeps with a text message inquiring whether my email is working or not. Give me chance. I get berated for dealing with the work related emails first! Some people get so impatient if you don't reply within seconds. These are often the same people who take a week to reply to a vitally important email from you that only requires a simple yes or no answer.

Seems he's turned down my offer of a suicide pact over Henry. A deal that would be slightly weighted in my favour I agree. If he sells Henry now, then if he doesn't score a hat-trick this weekend, I'll sell him next week. I couldn't be fairer than that.

Says he smells a rat. I'm hurt, I don't think he trusts me, at least not when it comes to something as serious as fantasy football.

For the past few days we've been having an email debate about Lars Van Thingmawotsit, who's Idiots he has just watched. Know I've seen a few others of his but the only one I can recall is Breaking The Waves. Which I seem to remember was rather good. I try and describe it and we have a long debate about whether it's a chick flick or not.

"Woman falls in love with man, man has serious injury, man tells her to go and s*%g another man (yeah, right) but she heroically stands by her man. What would YOU call it???"

Don't actually recall her heroically standing by her man, in fact didn't Emily Watson have a whale of a time ?

L gets in touch to say she knows that I'm not a gung-ho psycho cyclist but still to take it easy on the way home as it's raining. Bugger, I’ve been trying to be more psycho but it's obviously not working. Must endeavour to be more gung-ho however on this occasion I do as I'm told and take it easy. When I get home the bike computer says a little over 53 mins, my best yet for that route! Must take it easy more often.

This is despite nearly being fetched off when I saw some strange shapes moving around randomly on the road, nearly hit one of them. Frogs! All over the road in Risley! Would have probably had me down had I hit one, wouldn't have done them much good either.

At the theatre tonight, we watch Harold Pinter's The Caretaker. We take Daughter with us, who (I think) enjoys her first dose of Pinter.

Fascinating play, if as confusing at everyone's says. It keeps us talking for hours afterwards. Would have helped though if both L and I hadn't been so tired.

Keep my alcohol units down to a nice 5 tonight.

Knackered when we get home and we fall into bed.

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