Thursday, November 16, 2006

Evil Moroccan

In the car today but drive not too bad; I drove the way I sometimes cycle through Ilkeston, although didn’t use the cycle paths! Avoided all the hold-ups apart from the queue for Pride (Car) Park

L says the dog was particularly lively this morning on her run. I enquire whether she was sure it was our dog she took. The yellow one; who didn’t look particularly lively last night, with his tongue stuck to the carpet, far from it in fact. L promises evil Moroccan tonight, assume she means food.

I do the driving to the pub for my usual pre-squash meal of pie and a pint. Before I go my opponent urges me to have pudding and an extra pint. Think he's trying to get an edge on me, he's already winging that he's tired, had no exercise, got a bit of a cold, sore back.... Get your excuses in early why don't. What's he worried about; he'll still win.

Had another good Durham beer - Canny Lad 4.3% - and it's a dark one, bonus. Shock horror, I shun the usual cottage pie and go for Steak & Stilton pie! Very nice. Although stunned the cook who had already started getting my cottage pie ready! Am I that predictable ? Skipped pudding, didn't want to slow myself down too much; don't want to neglect my duty in providing my opponent with his weekly exercise.

Got home and took the now no longer yellow dog; where's he dumped all that sand then ? for a quick stick eating, sorry throwing, session. Then it's squash. Predictably I lose again. 6-1. His demon serve was just too good tonight; who's ever heard of a demon serve in squash! Must get professional help, with my squash that is.

We are good to our word and find a new venue for our post match drink; the excellent Victoria. The Farmers Stout they have on goes down very well; even my opponent breaks his usual Thursday AF to have two pints, then I'm off home to the Moroccan.

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