Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Eventful Day For A Dog

On the bus again even though I'm not currently very good at catching it. It involves getting up earlier than either the other options of bike or car. Luckily this morning the bus was later than I was. Get to work and we have another bike in our car park this morning, appears I have started a trend! One of the directors is cycling but his commute is only 5 miles. Ha!

L has done 44 lengths of the pool this morning; that is on top of her run with Doggo; and she calls me a psycho.

In the evening Doggo and I accompany Daughter to Guides but on the way Doggo got mugged. Just as we were ambling past two retrievers; all three dogs on the lead; the second dog started to snarl at Doggo; we had gone past the first one as if it wasn't there. Doggo naturally snarled back; usual dog 'handbags' sort of stuff but then the first dog grabbed Doggo from behind; locking his jaw on Doggo's back. Not sure if it was the kick I tried to administer to the dogs head or the fact Doggo then slipped his collar to fight back that made the dog let go. All very traumatic, although he seems fine, if a little shaken. The elderly couple whose dogs they were didn't know quite what to say. I too was speechless; what can you say.

To cap it all for Doggo; he got snarled at again by one of his class mates at agility class later that night. This isn't an unusual occurrence and is more posturing than anything else; they are best of enemies really. Didn't put him off his training though; both of us were brilliant tonight. Hope this form holds until our next event on 2nd December.

Told L to expect us back from training about midnight; as the trainer we have tonight does tend to go on a bit. Not that this is really cause for complaint; as it means we get more training for our money but it does make for a late night. However tonight he is forced to finish training on time. Therefore, we are home so early that L hasn't even got Doggo's water ready for him. He usually needs a pint or too after his night of sport; typical male I suppose.

L suggests going to bed early. Both me and Doggo spring to attention. Doggo has somewhere comfy to clean his sandy paws in mind; I have other more sordid thoughts. Grabbing L by the hand I propel her to the bedroom and push her onto the bed. Now on top of our bed is a fleece blanket that is supposed to keep the dog hair and grit off the bed. Doggo loves this blanket, he likes to drag is round the room between his legs; you know like dogs do. So here I am trying to relieve L of her jeans, while Doggo is trying to remove the blanket from under her; so that he can have his shag! Don't have a dog.

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