Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Flat Tyre

What is it about the prospect of cycling to work that means I always have to steal a quickie first. Perhaps it's the thought that it could be my last with the prospect of getting mangled under the wheels of some juggernaut lying in wait once I'm on my bike!

Anyhow made it to work in one piece. Pretty uneventful this morning; no problems, although very windy; no fellow psychos I mean cyclists to race against. I have given up on the cycle path; decided you need a 4x4 to do it justice. I took it easy, L would have been pleased with me. Crap time though!

L reports that Doggo enjoyed his morning drag particularly the autumnal leaves, which are great for a comfy dump. She reveals that although last night's Pilates was a bit naff; her body aches, so obviously it wasn't quite as easy as she made out.

Had a bit of a mishap on the way home. Good job it wasn't worse or else this morning's shag may well have been my last. I got cut up by a motorist on the way home. Due to the wet road and wet brakes, I knew I was unlikely to stop in time, so I aimed for the pavement. Unfortunately curb was somewhat high, so rather than bump the bike up the curb I kind of smacked into it. It felt like quite a collision but it was probably only at about 5 mph. Unfortunately what made it worse was that, due to the fact I couldn't extract my feet out of the baskets on my pedals, I also toppled over sideways. The upshot of this was a flat and damaged tyre. So had to do my first ever 'on the spot' tyre repair. I have always carried a spare tube, tyre levers and a pump but have so far never had to use them in anger. Repairs went well, although my tyre is wrecked. Will order some more, grippier ones off the internet tonight.

Was a tv-aholic for the night, we watched a programme on alcoholics. Sobering stuff if you excuse the pun. Makes you worry about your drinking; although some of the people were drinking 200 units a week! Two out of the four subjects in the programme died while it was being made, one of them aged only 26. Doggo lightened things up towards the end and started chucking gloves around the living room. He's very adept at sniffing them out even when they aren't left lying around. Well at least if he was playing with gloves then he was leaving my socks alone.

We went to bed; resisting the urge to take a night cap with us.

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