Thursday, November 09, 2006


On the bus again today but it difficult to get up this morning, something to do with the nice warm bed, the dog pinning me down and the gorgeous female along side me. The ache in my leg with was around lower thigh level has now slipped downwards, now it's my shin that is sore, not sure if this is an improvement or not.

End up sprinting for the bus to the sounds of Sam's Town, toast in hand and my glass of fruit juice left behind on the worktop. Bugger. Rare treat today, a nice bus driver. As he saw me running towards the bus he didn't close the door, he didn't drive off, he didn't wave and smile as he speeded past me. No he did none of that, he just sat and waited for me. Obviously failed his bus driver training course but to my benefit. Thanks mate.

L is planning a retirement cottage in the country bought on the back of the proceeds of publishing this blog. At the moment this will be in a remote part of Durham, but could change depending on how many weeks I spend on the best-sellers list. Hmmm thinks she's being a tad optimistic there! She had a profitable morning though, she got in a run and a swim and then won £3 from one of the leisure centre lockers.

Thursday is pub lunch day, so I have my usual stodge, today it's Corned Beef Hash and a pint. The beer was not quite as good as usual, nothing dark on offer other than a 4.8% stout which is a bit strong for lunchtime, in fact I can’t actually recall what beer I did have! So forgettable then. The Hash was good but not as good as mine naturally. Chef's tip - do it with chunks of potato rather than mash, much nicer.

Squash still hasn't been cancelled and my opponent appears optimistic, "Done no exercise, feeling tired, had drink last night...". Ah but he's not had a pub lunch has he, fine preparation for an athlete. I'm feeling well on form now.

Usual debate about the Reality League. We both want to sell Henry but haven't got the bottle to do it, we were both pondering on taking the opportunity to sell Terry as he was going to be suspended but then he served his suspension last night and the problem with Terry is he does seem to pick up points for just turning up. Then am horrified to discover that he has also got his eye on Barry, I was going to sign Barry! but now he's done his back in.

Tell him Gareth Barry has broken his back, both legs, an arm, his nose and his left nipple and he's going to be out for at least three years, so to FORGET ABOUT HIM. Either that or I'll report him for making an illegal approach.

Get home and I have half an hour or so free before squash, so I try and tempt Doggo out for a walk. Takes five minutes or so of sweet talking before I get him past the front door. He sits there pathetically peering round the door, listening for bangs. This is my big brave dog. Eventually we heroically go for it and I think he enjoys himself, we manage a good stick session and he seems oblivious to the few bangs that do go off.

Lost four games in a row at squash (but they were close, honest) then rallied to win two before losing the last one. 5-2 about par for the course. Both of us now totally knackered. Retire to the pub for well earned pint to find all the real ale is off. This is becoming a very frequent occurrence at the local pub and this will only get worse now that the brewery (Hardy's and Hanson's) is being shut down by Greene King at the end of the year.

After struggling down a pint of keg bitter we vow never to return and discuss our options of where to drink next week. We obviously would have had to find another pub anyway once the brewery had closed because morally we can't drink any H&H beers not brewed locally or any GK beer either for that matter. Unfortunately H&H own (owned) a lot of the better pubs in the area and their seasonal beers, which are being discontinued at Xmas, were top rate. Oh well such is progress.

L promises no TV tonight, just stretching, massage and alcohol. In fact when I get home she's already got the wine open and is looking slightly sloshed. We eat cranky, mash with celeriac in it, no I can't explain. I join her on the red wine and we get sloshed together. Nine units for the day I reckon. Once she's well inebriated, we break the midnight watershed.

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