Sunday, November 19, 2006

Easy Day

You think we'd take it easy today wouldn't you. After our exertions yesterday. That's what doggo thought too; as he lay there in a pile of grit on the end of the bed. Wrong. It's that purgatory again, orienteering. It's only in Derby so it's not a rush to get up, enough time to... well you can't have too much of a good thing can you.

Orienteering goes well, although they setup some booby trap at the start for me a Doggo. A complicated system of poles and tapes creating starting gates for each course. Absolutely ideal for a dippy collie to get tangled in and take the whole lot with him. Somehow he manages not to.

We both do well and I beat L back to the finish; despite the fact she's on a shorter course. Doggo keeps running as we hit the finish line and heads for the car. They have a generator powering the computers at the finish and he hates the noise of them; another of his many quirks.

In the afternoon I chill out at home with the Ramones and Libertines DVDs while L and Daughter shop in town.

In the evening we take it easy; only kidding, we go for a swim. In fact it is quite relaxing and it does my aching limbs good. Doggo guards the car.

Back home we have a traditional Sunday lunch; chilli and rice.

AF today; 26 units for the week, very pleased with that.

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