Saturday, November 18, 2006


Seagrave Wolds Challenge today. It's a 9 am start so it's a lie in. For me the event consists of 15 miles of cross country strapped to a dog. Sausages rolls, cups of tea and cake laid on at the start. More cakes and more tea at 5 miles and then again at 10. Then soup/bread and apple crumble/custard laid on at the finish. As well as more cake. Now that's what I call a race. Some pillock does it in 1 hour 45 mins, we take a couple of hours longer. Can't believe he ate as much cake as us though, even Doggo gets his share.

L looks unhappy most of the way round and seems to do most of the course on one leg due to her dodgy hamstring, doggo does most of the course on three legs due to his constant weeing habit.

When we get home both kids are upstairs in their individual electronic worlds; so we debrief in a hot bath. By hot I mean hot; when L does hot she does it in style, water temperature that is; hot enough to strip skin. Half an hour later it's still too hot in the bathroom for me, so we move the debrief into the bedroom. It soon gets hot in the bedroom too; but this time it's nothing to do with temperature. L's iffy hamstring obviously isn't that bad as she makes impressively light of it with her athleticism.

Derby win again; 2-0 at Luton and again I miss most of it. Score draw in our match up but ours was the better game. Initial assessment of the fantasy league scores doesn't look too promising for my team.

We go out early; we have arranged to meet some friends at a local real ale house. It's only three miles away so we walk naturally; smug gits that we are. Doggo comes too. Initially he doesn't look too keen but soon gets into his stride and shows us the way. Once in the pub and full of pork scratchings he sleeps under the table; still caked in the mud from the morning run.

The Damson Porter is excellent and we have a couple of pints each but then it runs out. A Thornbridge bitter later; Salem Porter replaces it and we round off the evening with a couple of them and yes we stagger home as well. 21 miles for the day; impressive or what. That deserves a curry doesn't it; so we collect a take away for us and the kids on the way home. We had actually promised them this as a treat; more like we feel we can't get away with sloping off on our own to a restaurant two weeks in a row. The take away is excellent; better than last week's.

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