Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fiery Chicks

In car today and not a bad journey, the council must still be corralling all the cars in the city centre with their mass of traffic lights.

L bemoans the fact that it took her 14 minutes to cycle to work. Seems a bit accurate to me, sounds like she's purposely timing it, getting serious eh! Competitive even! 14 minutes doesn't sound too bad to me, they'd be lots of traffic lights in that.

The dog's pissed her off again; he shagged her running kit around the bedroom this morning. She thinks he's getting less choosy what he shags. Typical male eh! Having said that, it's not a bad choice by the dog, it's a very sexy kit and was probably nice and sweaty too, although personally I'd have waited until she was wearing it.

My mate the Leeds fan is ducking out of the Leeds United v Real County (he means Derby) match up at Elland Road. Apparently they are charging £36 a ticket. What a bargain that is Mr Bates, just to watch their current dire team, they charged a lot less when they were playing in Europe. I upset him by telling him that he could save himself a tenner by going in the Derby end, because it's only £26 for away supporters. That's really rubbing their noses in it.

He says they're probably going for a curry instead. That does sound like a much better idea to me, if I was him I wouldn't go to the match without a blindfold. He agrees. He thinks Derby will win easily; he reckons next season Leeds will be playing Peterborough and Derby will be being annihilated by Chelsea! That's the nicest thing he's every said about Derby. Probably the nicest thing he's ever said about Peterborough too; they don't do promotions.

Pub lunch. Cottage Pie and a Chocolate Stout that wasn't that impressive. The Stout that is, the Cottage Pie was as good as ever.

The council crack under pressure. I have been verbally abusing them via email since we found out that we will not be able to get our normal game of squash in on the Thursday after Xmas because the Leisure Centre is shutting at 6pm. Me and L can't get any evening swims in either. It could be worse because most of the centres aren't opening at all between Xmas Eve and the day after New Year. Nonetheless 6pm is no good to use, as we are both at work as normal, so I complained, strongly and then I complained again, even more strongly. Repeated this until they give in. Well now they've backed down and are staying open until 9pm. Although it’ll probably be that busy, because there will only be two courts open in the whole of the city, that we won't be able to get a game.

As for tonight's squash. As usual he gets his excuses in before we start; got a cold, tired; bad back etc etc etc

I play pretty well. My court positioning is much better and he doesn't serve well. I still lose but it is close, I go down 5-3. Yes we played 8 games and he was so unhappy with the way the 8th went he wanted to play a 9th but it was now 9.00, we'd been on court for 1 hour and 15 minutes!

I am supposed to be meeting L at the pub; she was running there. Get a text from her at 9.05 saying she's just leaving home but due to the dubious reception within the leisure centre complex I think it was sent much earlier. She is stood outside in the cold waiting for us when we arrive. Doggo is trying to pick a fight with one of the dogs inside, so she can't get him in to the pub.

We stop for swift one; it would have been nice to have stopped for more as it's a Scottish ales night, celebrating St Andrews Day. Have a pint of Atlas Three Sisters which brings back fond memories of Glencoe.

We go home to eat. My fiery girl has cooked up a fiery chicken curry. It is excellent. We have another beer.

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