Friday, December 01, 2006


Alarm goes off. Radio informs that England are doing better in the cricket, so miracles can happen. Can't hear any rain. Am on my bike today. Ought to get up but L is doing something with her hand which prevents me doing so. Last night L was complaining that things are so hectic as the moment that she's isn't getting the best deal, sex wise. This morning she seems to be making sure, I wonder if the Brazilian effect is kicking in. Would be rude to turn her down, I'm just going to have to pedal faster.

Damp roads but no rain and a very good ride, perhaps I am getting fitter after all. Although I have to pedal quickly because L's fiery chicken curry, good though it was, is playing havoc with my stomach.

Fantasy league is going to be horrible this week. I have a change to make but I so many players out again this weekend, I don't really know where to start. Oh well it's only a game.

Decent enough bike home and my quickest time for some time.

In the evening we go to L's Xmas Meal, which is being held at the house of a colleague of hers. L is reluctant to go; she is never keen on socialising with work colleagues. I can't talk, I'm not even going to mine which takes place towards the end of the month.

L has bought a new dress for the evening, a cheap one she assures me. I get the pleasure of watching her try various combinations of things to wear with it. The top of the dress is very open and she opts to wear another top under it, if she didn't the evening could have been very interesting. The fishnets and Daughter's boots that she wears with it look great. With her looking so good, it's a real shame we have to go out.

In contrast to my gig earlier in the weekend, this time I am the youngest one there. Everyone is very nice, the food ok and I drive and stay AF. We have a lively debate with someone who reckons the Raconteurs supported Kylie Minogue on her Showgirl tour at the NEC back in 2004. No, no, not possible, will check this out on the internet.

We get home and have a couple of glasses of red wine. So not totally AF.

Obviously relieved that her ordeal; that wasn't really an ordeal after all; is over, L is terribly compliant as I take her to bed. I do not let her remove any of her outfit and then I take my time unwrapping her. L does some unwrapping of her own, she seems to be keen to do some catching up this weekend, that's fine by me.

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