Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Undercooked Goose

Came on the bus today. Took a gamble and caught a later bus, banking on the traffic not being so bad now that's it's nearly Xmas. When I try and plug myself into my Ipod I realise that the screen is broken. Disaster. Think I broke it when I had too much jammed into my pack on the bike yesterday and it was among all my other stuff. A new screen is going to cost me £49 about half the price of a new Ipod.

Glad I left home before Daughter got up. When I called up to her as I left, she didn’t sound at her best after her late night on the town.

Very foggy. L says she struggled to keep her eye on the dog this morning, despite the fact that he is equipped with a flashing light on his back. She could have lost him, which is something she says she's been trying to do for some considerable time. Could probably do with some more lights on him.

On the way home the 5.35 bus is busy because as usual it arrives before the 5.20 which is always late. So I don't get a seat to myself. A girl sits next to me plugged into her music, it's the Killers, yes it's that loud I can hear every note. Well at least she's got taste. After about ten attempts selecting music on my Ipod, because my damaged screen makes it difficult to read the menus, I settle on Forward Russia to drown her out. The girl, well she's early thirties, is now busy texting. I nosily steal a glance or two at her screen. I'm sure at one point she's texts 'b home in 20 on knees in 25'. Sounds like someone's in for a bit of a 'welcome home'.

We are going to the theatre tonight, a nice romantic play called the 'Golden Goose'. Yes it's a Christmas 'special' put on by Daughter's Guides group at the local church hall. I drop her off there for final rehearsal then take Doggo for a wander round the pond, then I shove him in the car and meet L at Guides.

The play, as expected, is shockingly awful. Apathetic and mostly inaudible acting by most of the all female cast. It makes you wonder why they've bothered. Glenda the Goose is good though, as are a few others, Daughter included. She at least puts feeling into the two lines she gets to deliver; perhaps all the drama classes etc have taught her something after all. We get cake (very small) and coffee (very anaemic) included for our £1 entry fee. We smuggle a slice of Xmas cake out for Doggo, no icing obviously.

Afterwards we do a Xmas food shop at Sainsbury's and bring home one of their curry meals for four, only £10.99. It is actually very good, although very microwave intensive, we are 'binging' away for ages. The meal easily feeds four of us with the addition of only Naan bread. Although Son only picks out the best bits of his curry, not that he doesn't like it or isn't hungry, it's just that his computer game is waiting and eating is not a good use of his time.

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