Thursday, December 14, 2006

Park Benches

Wake up to find out that Panesar has been picked and takes 5 wickets. England dismiss Australia for 244. Unfortunately they now have to bat out 14 overs or so, they'll probably be 50-3 by the close.

Take the car to work; as it is my turn to drive to the pub. The drive in is not too bad, well not until I got to Pride 'Car' Park anyway.

Encampment still here. So no overnight siege then. Day Four.

L's run with Doggo was disrupted when one of the park benches turned into a deer with antlers. Perhaps I should explain, from a distance, in the early morning or late evening gloom, when they are lying down; the deer do really look a bit like park benches. Honest. I hadn’t seen any deer for ages, assumed they’d shot them all but perhaps they’ve all just been posing as park benches, crafty animals.

England finish on 51-2, better than expected.

Pub lunch. Cottage pie and Oatmeal Stout from a new brewery whose name I can't remember. Our MD joins us, drives there, and pays for the car park next to the pub, which as impoverished employees we can't afford. We don't even get offered a lift.

L and Daughter are going into Derby tonight, Xmas shopping. So am I as it happens but I'll probably be in and out before they arrive. Just planning a smash and grab raid on HMV. I’ll have the Leffe ready for her when she's gets home about 10pm, it’s bound to be hell out there.

After my brief foray shopping I get home and have another 'chat' with Son about his exams. He actually mentions that 'history was quite hard'. Does that mean he's failed?

Squash. I win the first game which is possibly the worst thing I could do as he trounces me in the next one. I should have won the third but lose 15-13, I do win the fifth game and should have won the sixth. Finishes 5-2.

We got to the pub and have Damson Porter and a very nice 3.7% Mild.

Get home and L is on the wine. They've had a successful shopping trip I think, well Daughter has anyway.

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