Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Alcoholic Christmas

Christmas Day. My favourite Christmas present is already unwrapped beside me and although time is short, you can't start the big day without sex.

Doggo is the loser and only gets half an hour on the park, L walks across to meet us. When we get back to the house my Mum and Dad are just arriving, they're early. Daughter is up and raring to go but no sign of Son, still in bed. Eventually we get him up and into the bath, where he languishes for another half an hour or so. Unable to do any unwrapping until he emerges we do what anyone would do in the same situation, we hit the eggnog. Not good news for my parents, who are cholesterolly challenged, but this is likely to be one of only many sins they commit today.

Son emerges looking surprisingly lively and we start exchanging presents. L and I swap boots! Daughter gets her long longed for Ipod and Son a new TV, should have been a computer, and will be at some point but for now it's still 'in the post'.

We hit the pub for the traditional Christmas Day beer. I have Sooty Stout and Legend, both brewed on site by the Nottingham Brewery. Local ales! Take note Greene King.

We go home for food, our two alcoholic pate and some excellent vegetable soup that L has cooked up. Then we have Turkey which is excellent too, along with some sweetish white wines (Alsace) that we got the other day from Majestic. They too are very good. Then its Christmas pud covered in more alcohol, in the form of rum sauce!

We manage to avoid the appalling stuff on TV for most of the day apart from Doctor Who that Daughter insists we watch. It is not one of their better efforts.

My parents depart around 8pm and we take some more white wine to bed, where very quickly we proceed to sleep it all off. We are possibly too drunk and too knackered for sex but we decide on abstinence anyway. We have the house too ourselves tomorrow night and I'm planning a romantic night in.

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