Thursday, December 28, 2006


We get up at the usual time and take advantage of the council's utmost kindness in opening a swimming pool, on what is actually a normal working day. Pool was packed, standing room only, they really need to get more pools open. L does 30 lengths I think I do 24. Then I'm off to home to holler at Son to get up for his papers and then on to work. L walks Doggo.

Get to work and have a one sided email chat with her. I'm receiving her emails but she's not getting mine and I have to reply by text. Technology eh!

Last time I was at work it was Thursday and pub day. By some sheer coincidence it's Thursday again and so we're off to the pub again. A giant Yorkshire and beef stew goes down well, as does the pint of Resurrection, it's Xmas so we have another half.

Get home and L and Daughter take the car to go off to badminton. Then they get home and I go off in the car to my ritual mauling at squash. All these trips are to the same leisure centre as it's the only one open.

The council were reluctant to open the leisure centre in the evenings over Xmas because no one ever shows up, well tonight the squash courts are busy and they have to keep turning people away from the fitness suite because customers had assumed that the advertised 9pm closing time meant that all the facilities were open until 9pm. Don't be silly the fitness suite closes at 8pm.

Squash starts well and we have a close first game, although I lose 15-11. Things go downhill from there as my opponent gets his serve into a rhythm and soon I am four games down. Then he loses his rhythm and I seize my chance and win the next two. It ends 5-2 which is about usual.

I have a low-alcohol Lees mild at the pub 3.5%, almost AF.

Get home and actually watch some TV! The last half hour of Dracula and 30 years of Multicoloured Swap Shop, ahhh the nostalgia of it all.

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