Tuesday, December 12, 2006


On bus today. Tuesday is normally a bike day but I'm off for a few post-work beers with some old school friends. So not wise to bike home after that. Will delay the biking until Wednesday.

Regrettably this means an early start and I'm not even sure L is conscious of me kissing and fondling her back before I get up and head for the shower.

Don’t know if it's anything to do with the fact that I complained to the bus company about the pile of change I got off the driver last week but today's driver has a whole wodge of £5 notes. It's a good job too because the two people in front of me both paid with a £10 note. Today I'm a good boy because I have the correct money.

Gypsy encampment still here. I assume they have to get a court order before they can shift our unwanted guests. They’ll be here all week I imagine. Their presence is causing chaos; all the cars that can’t get in the car park are parking on the pavements up and down the street.

L tells me she forgot her towel when she went swimming this morning. She didn't reckon that she looked terribly cool with her running shirt wrapped around her head, trying to drip-dry her body in the changing rooms. She may not have looked terribly cool but I'd still have liked to have been there, bet she looked great. Wonder if she'll act it out again for me tonight.

L confirms that it was indeed a Swedish group who supported Kylie Minogue at the NEC, they were called "The Melody Club". To our knowledge they have never appeared at Rock City, so that was purely a red herring.

Straight from work I meet two friends from my school days for a beer or two. I have something dark from Everards and a Brunswick brewed Triple Hop but very nice. Then two of us go for a curry and a pint of Cobra. I have a curry with pickle in it which is very nice, the Keema Naan is disappointing though, a bit thin and lacking in meat.

I catch the 8.50 bus home. My friend who is on his bike is going in one to a bike club meet at another pub, he's already had three pints, and he'll be rocking on his way home.

Get home to find that my Winnie The Pooh nose clips have arrived. They are not quite what I was expecting, they are notelets not nose clips, unfortunately still not terribly useful.

L has a glass of wine but I abstain, I have had three pints after all, on a AF Tuesday. L asks what gossip I have to report from my two friends. The answer of course is none, we don't do gossip, much more important things to discuss, like erm... well I can't remember now but it was important at the time. I also get ticked off over the sexual content of my blog.

We retire to bed and well all I'm allowed to say is that we had a very enjoyable time 'holding' each other.

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