Sunday, December 03, 2006


Even more leisurely start today, more shouting at Son to get up; more catching up, then I take Doggo on the park.

Just before lunch time we trip across to my parents, for a group photo of the five of us, a family day out! Photo shoot goes well. Son turns in a 'model' performance; neither Daughter not Doggo can sit still. Doggo seems to think the best pose it to be on his back with his legs in the air.

Afterwards we meet 'relatives' for lunch. Well actually we meet Doggo's brother's owners. Son opts outs out but the rest of go, although Doggo again guards the car. I stay AF again. The meal, a Sunday lunch is good. It's a carvery so you have to queue to fetch your own food, which is a pain but the upside is you can take as much as you like, if only they made the plates bigger.

Get home and I do our grocery shopping on the net.

In the evening I go swimming with L in one of her 'intimidating' swimsuits. Tonight she wears the green one, which is probably slightly more 'serious' looking than the yellow/blue she has. The yellow/blue one is my favourite though, the yellow top half is great, it really shows off her chest particularly when it's wet.

L tries to teach me to front crawl, I feel some progress is made, although they'll need to top the pool up, as I seem to swallow most of it.

Just a snack of soup back at home, so suppose lunch must have been fairly substantial. Then L crashes in bed while I catch up with the Sunday papers.

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