Sunday, December 10, 2006

Running In the Rain

We wake up and indulge in more surreptitious misdemeanours, again trying not to disturb Daughter, who will not now be plugged into my ipod as she has finished off the battery. The rain is pounding against the window and the skylights, which adds to the romance of it. Oh to be in the tent in weather as good as this. Again L does a good job of staying silent and this time it's my turn to be on top doing the romantic cuddling.

We had planned to do a run, so run we do, despite the torrential rain. Well L, Doggo and I do. We do maybe 2.5 miles, less than we intended but it is chucking it down. We get several 'you must be stark raving mad' looks from the occupants of the many Chelsea tractors that pass us. We get back and after a hot shower, breakfast is again provided for us.

We have a lazy day, only really going out to the local shop, where L manages to find something that no shop in Nottingham has so far been able to provide, a lemon squeezer.

Later we drive home and listen to the Sport Personality farce on the radio. For some reason Radio 5 think it would be interesting to commentate on the show rather than just relay a sound only version by radio. They could not have been more wrong. Although apparently the TV version is awful too, the BBC again having cut back on the sports content of the programme. Nicole Cooke who L and I both vote for is interviewed by someone who knows nothing about cycling and unless I missed it no footage of her achievements are shown. Despite this she is in the final 5 but fails to make the top 3. To be fair coverage of the other contenders appears to be equally poor.

We fetch a take away curry for all of us, Doggo included, he does love a kit of Keema Naan. My Jalfrezi is good and hot; Son has the same but picks the chilli out of his, the wimp. L's Balti is good too.

We then take a couple of glasses of red wine to bed and I persuade L to let me do a bit of pruning of the Brazilian. It was getting to be a case of being unable to see the wood for the trees. Once done, I even get chance to take it for a quick spin.

34 units for the week. Not good but not bad for a weekend away.

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