Monday, December 11, 2006


Take the car into work today and the drive is horrible, everywhere flooded, took 65 minutes.

Get to work and things suddenly get infinitely more exciting. A group of gypsies have taken up encampment across the road in one of the car parks. I don’t think the businesses that they are blocking are very impressed.

Apparently the paper round was a bit of a nightmare, the heavens opened, even the dog hid from it and everyone got mushy papers. All three of them were drenched by the time they got home. L got changed, Doggo will have dried himself off on the bedclothes but Son probably just went off to school as he was, dry clothes are so last year. Hope it doesn't put him off his exams; he is sitting his mock GCSE's all this week. Maths, Chemistry and RE today. He's also this morning requested if L can get him a protractor, which seems a bit late in the day.

L has mistakenly got changed into my Ron Hills rather than her own. She reckons they don't look as good on her as they do on me. Even so I will enjoy wearing them ever more than usual now.

L has a treat waiting for her at work; two people have managed to get hold of previously illusive lemon squeezers for her. So now we have three! We'll have to start our own market stall.

Go to Sainsbury’s at lunch, where there is total chaos. They are offering free samples of Croft Original and the huge queue of Grannies waiting for a taste was blocking the doors to the store, and nobody can get in or out. I would have joined the queue myself but I had neither the time nor the alcohol units to spare.

L is already feeling those back at work, post trip away, Monday morning blues and she requests if we can diarise a lie-in for Saturday. Wa-Hey. No problem.

Drive home, pick up Doggo and whisk him off to dog training, our last session before Xmas. No table training tonight because the table is being used to lay out all our treats. These are not dog treats: - contents of two selection boxes, huge tin of celebrations, sausage rolls, Pringles etc etc, these are owner treats! Although Doggo would disagree, particularly over the sausage rolls but no one is feeding their dogs any, only themselves, so Doggo gets none. Sorry mate.

Training goes well and at the end the trainer presents an award, a nice silver shield, to her handler of the year. Naturally we are gutted not to get it. Well I am anyway; Doggo is too busy peeing up one of the hurdles to notice. We have probably been overlooked for the award because we have only been training there for four months; we haven't won Olympia; three Kennel Club Championship events and multiple other advanced classes. The person, who has, gets the shield, hope they pull their socks up, they'll have to do better than that if they going to stop us taking it off them next year. Ain't that right Doggo? But Doggo is digging a hole in the sand, when he's finished it, he's so impressed with it, he wee's in it. Perhaps I'm being over optimistic.

I listen to an important game on the radio on the drive home, what is this important game, a world cup qualifier, a title decider, a cup semi-final, err no it's Aston Villa v Sheffield United but it's important fantasy league wise.

I'm actually quite pleased with my squad so far this weekend. Doubt I’ll pull any points back but I think at least a corner has been turned. Just need a Dutchman called Bouma to play for the Villa tonight to make sure that Fulham's Pearce stays on my bench, as he scored an impressive -1 at the weekend. At half time it was 1-0 and Bouma was on for 6 points but it finished 2-2 and he gets 1 point but it's better than -1. Unfortunately I didn’t count on Petrov actually turning up and having a good game for once, which benefits my opponent.

Get home to L, who's knocked up a rather nice Thai dish. AF for a change.

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