Monday, December 04, 2006

Attempting To Drown

Driving today and I upset the dog by driving past him while he was on his paper round. At least he didn't hold it against me, as apparently he managed to throw his own toys around the house afterwards, rather than my socks. The lengths he goes to, to keep L amused in the mornings.

He still seems to be on hunger strike. He's hardly eating anything that hasn't got chicken or cheese on top of it. Hmmm. Maybe he's just taking us for a ride.

L informs me that she is feeling fit, so we should be on for a swim tonight. Hopefully she'll be in her yellow swimsuit.

Check on the internet but cannot find any references to any 'famous' bands supporting Kylie in 2004, reviews of the NEC point to a little known Swedish band.

Dog class tonight. A pretty good session, only four of us, so plenty of goes at the equipment but that also means its pretty knackering. For the last two weeks we've been also learning how to do the 'table' obstacle. Not something Doggo and I are ever likely to meet in competition as it only really comes out at the big events such as Crufts. The trainer brutally criticised some of our turns, explaining that's why we 'only' came 7th on Saturday! Cheek!

We drive home, where L is all set for swimming. Except Doggo hasn't sussed this and starts tucking into his tea of dog munchies and cheese! Best cheddar I imagine. He almost chokes on those munchies when he realised we're going straight out again. Naturally he can't let us take the car out without him, who would guard it in the car park. Either that or he's hoping that this will be the time he's finally taken inside that strange building into which we go clutching a towel. A quick check in his bowl to make sure he's got all the cheese before he leaves the rest and out sprints us to be first to the front door.

Swimming is ok; I'm still drinking most of the pool while trying to front crawl and find it hard to complete a length without getting that drowning sensation. Each time I come spluttering to a stop I'm sure I see the life guard getting out of his seat wondering who that guy is who's trying to kill himself in only a metre of water. Must be a boring job I suppose, if I keep coming back I could really liven his job up for him. Not sure if I'm progressing or not but will keep at it.

Little time to eat at home, so we have soup and bread again. You can't beat a balanced diet can you!

Forgot to mention, 26 units for last week. That's good!

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