Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Snoggers and Doggers

Back on the bike today; I lazily decided not to fight the traffic and use the cycle path again (National Route 6 you know!). This time I have definitely been put off using it again; no dogs trying top fetch me off but it looked like someone has had a party over the weekend in the middle of the path; broken glass everywhere. Saw the glass too late to avoid it and amazingly didn't get a puncture. Must stick to the road next time.

Dowie is sacked by Charlton. Madness. Trescothick comes home from Australia. Predictable. Cahill out for at least 6 weeks. Oh no.

Complained to the council about the fact they are basically shutting down all the leisure centres over the Xmas period, for the entire 10 days or so. L and I have just signed up to pay a monthly fee for unlimited swimming and gym, so naturally losing a third of December isn't going make this very good value. Their defence seems to be that opening the centres on all bank holidays; they didn't mention the three normal working days between Xmas and New Year when they are also shut; would cost them £100,000 in extra expenditure. I am stunned. They shut the centres to save a mere £100,000; the council budget is a whopping £800M. The population of the city is around 300,000, so that’s a mere 30p per person. How difficult would it be to raise 30p per person per year via leisure centre charges alone, hmmmmm not very difficult!!!!!

I leave work and the roundabout at the end of our road is at a standstill in all four directions. I smugly weave in and out of the parked cars, this presumably is why they call it Pride Park. Definitely not bringing the car this week at all; oh bugger it's my turn to do the pub run on Thursday.

It has been raining and the roads are wet but it's not too bad. I check for frogs in Risley but this time there are none. 55 mins; so I can honestly say I took my time.

Ocado delivered tonight, over an hour early. The kids took delivery; even Warcraft is put on hold so that Son can help out his sister. The delivery man leaves our 13 year old with 8 bottles of beer, paracetamol, ibuprofen etc hope his employers don't find out.

L and daughter play badminton; I drop them off and walk Doggo along the embankment. Interesting experience for us both as we sample the night life:- runners, bikers, dog walkers, the booze ship Nottingham Princess full of revellers, the rowing club practising in the dark by torchlight, steamed up cars in abundance, snoggers, doggers and lots of fallen leaves for a collie to sniff in.

L cooks up an excellent chicken stir fry while I reminisce with the new Ramones DVD.


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