Friday, November 17, 2006

The Paper Girl

The alarm goes off and I'm lying there contemplating the day. I'm on my bike today, so I really need to get up and get moving. I should also be saving my legs and my energy but you know what's it like. You just have to don't you; I just couldn't resist the lure of the naked body beside me. Think I owe her a bit of indulgence this weekend after all these quickies and I hope I haven't made her late for her paper round.

Apparently once on my bike I upset the dog, who is by then out on the paper round with the paper girl, the same one I have just taken advantage of (that's L by the way) and Son who's paper round it actually is. Doggo loves the paper round, means he can get his nose into other peoples gardens; he's such a nosy dog. Apparently they were stood talking when Doggo suddenly started yelping and bolted off towards me. Unfortunately L was attached to him at the time. I did wonder what that distant scream was.

Cycled most of the way with another cyclist, he was in full cycling kit, so not a novice. I warily eyed him up, remembering the last time I'd taken on another cyclist. Decide it's best to assume he was a psycho and not push my luck. In the end we had a bit of a race, as you do. Boys will be boys as L keeps telling me. I was sensible, I knew he was too good for me, so I let him go ahead. We even had a bit of a chat. I’d have chatted more but I was too busy gasping for breath. I was pleased to see I’d left him in a similar state. He was obviously like me; only a half hearted psycho. Any real psycho would have left me for dead. Although he did help me knock 3 minutes off my time for that route. Perhaps he was a real psycho after all.

Weather started off dry but then it rained, so I was well wet by the time I go to work. My waterproof jacket is excellent, it's just a shame about the rest of my kit. Ended up with damp, sweaty cycling kit draped all around the office drying. Nice. As I keep saying I need better tyres too! Pulled a broadside when a car came out towards me from a side road today.

L emails to check how the ride was and whether I'm eating to restore my energy. So far I’ve only had my milk shake and a coffee, which probably isn’t the answer she wanted. I’ll have something to eat when I’ve finished lying on the floor gasping for breath.

Squash opponent berates me for doing his back in. He reckons he now has even less chance of getting a win in his six monthly tennis match on Saturday. Of course he could have tamely just let me win and saved
his energy for Saturday but that's not his style. In any case what's he complaining for, I'm the one with his racquet mark across my back!
Good job L knows I got them bruises playing squash.

L goes home early; where she finds Doggo keeping an extremely low profile because it's raining and he doesn't want to go out. He's a border collie; you know the sort; a working dog who works in all weather, come ice, come snow they're out there on the hills tending to their flock. His ancestors probably slept in a drafty old barn even in the depths of winter but our collie hates the rain. When L took him out in the car to meet the kids from school he wouldn't even get out of the car!

L cooks Bolognaise and we eat early; then go for a swim. We vow to be AF tonight so that we are in top form for the run tomorrow. Then we can be really really bad and blow all our units in one go in the evening. We take doggo for a leg stretch first, as it has finally finished raining. Swim is ok but I'm that full of bolognaise I can feel my stomach scraping on the bottom of the pool.

We get home and decide the best way to stay AF is to go to bed and have an early night. Once there L gets the indulgence she's missed for most of the week. Terrific session that makes you just want to get up afterwards and blog about it but L prevents me doing so. She knows my memory of details will be more hazy by the time I come to write it up.

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