Friday, December 29, 2006

More Eighties Nostalgia

We did our early morning swim again; Pool was packed again. L again did 30, think I was down around 22 today.

Afterwards L, who has obviously been too busy clocking other people rather than concentrating on the swimming, asks if I noticed how few people use their legs when they swim because apparently, today, absolutely no one was kicking. She says one particular old man never moved a leg muscle and another was actually walking up and down the pool. She says I wouldn't have noticed any of this because I don't have my head under water much. Hmmm I think that was a thinly disguised dig at my technique.

Of course I always check out people’s legs underwater, well the nice female ones anyway but it was all a bit wrinkly today so didn’t dare look most of the time, except at L's shapely pins of course.

AND I did notice the old chap, wasn't too sure he was alive, I though perhaps he was just floating lifelessly on the top of the water, like an expired fish. Then again no one dived into help him, which isn't good news. L assures me that she would notice if I stopped floundering.

Went home to rouse Son but he was just leaving for his paper round as I got there. Impressive.

I'm at work. L is at home. She drops me a email to tell me that the government's own figures say that women who do housework for exercise are less at risk of breast cancer than those who do sport for exercise. She hopes that this might create more room in the swimming pools for us.

How do the government come up with such silly things, housework isn’t exercise, although I suppose those semi-conscious people this morning might have got more out of a good hoovering session than they did out of their swim.

She also tells me that, apparently, Doggo is lying down by the front door waiting for me to come home. She often says this. Hmmm. Yes collies are supposed to be loyal dogs but I do doubt the loyalty of my own faithful beast. When he's lying by the front door, he's also technically very close to the bedroom door. So I'm sure L's confusing his 'waiting for me to come home' with 'waiting for someone to open the bedroom door'. He does love his bed, I mean OUR bed.

L's mother is in hospital having her replacement hip joint re-aligned, they expect her to be in for 4-5 days. L plans to visit today but then hears her Mum has already gone home. So it's true. The NHS really is working miracles these days.

Get home and get a nice welcome. We get 'romantic' on the bed. Wa-Hey. My girl has wonderful hands.

Later L, Daughter and myself go off to the cinema to see Starter For 10. Daughter comes reluctantly. She does everything reluctantly even if she really really wants to do something. Must be a teenage thing but makes it very difficult to discover what she does actually want to do.

Starter for 10 is set in 1985/86 and is about a lad's first year at University. He also wants to become a contestant on 'University Challenge', hence the title. Although dramatised up, it was still very true to life at uni in the 80's for anyone who was there e.g. Me. The eighties detail is excellent and the soundtrack is brilliant. Superb stuff from Tears For Fears and The Cure among others. The film is very very funny although the ending is far too mushy. Funny films shouldn't have romantic endings. I suggest an attempted suicide as a better ending with our hero surviving, just, and his girl mopping the blood off him again but L shouts me down. We break a rule of mine by walking out on an excellent song as the credits rolled, my second favourite Cure song, Pictures Of you.

We complete a very 80's day as I watch the first part of Swap Shop again with L before a touch more 'romance' in the bedroom.

A rare AF day.

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