Saturday, December 30, 2006

Facing The Rolling Pin

Short and sweet entry today because it's a pretty normal Saturday.

A nice longish lie in with good sex, orange juice, coffee and a dog on my feet. All pretty typical Saturday stuff.

Then I walk said dog on the park.

Then off to the match. Derby are incredibly lucky as they beat Plymouth 1-0 to stay third. Still not impressed.

I have a good Fantasy Day for once.

Then we have a night out in Nottingham. Down the Poacher for the first time in ages - Elsie Mo 4.7% and 2 x Good King Senseless 5.2% then a half of Marleys Ghost at 7.0% in Langtrys. Then we hit Scruffys on the way home for a couple of Leffe Brune's.

Then we stagger home to face the rolling pin from Daughter, who has told us not to get wasted.

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