Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bad Dream

Had a bit of an erotic bad dream overnight. Can't quite remember the details now, I never do with dreams, but it was quite a turn on at the time. The dream ended when Nicky Campbell woke me up, as usual, with his banal chat on the radio. Perhaps I should have tried to relay the details to L before I jumped her but I didn't. It wasn't until I gathered she wasn't terribly impressed that I realised that Nicky Campbell doesn't actually work Sundays and also that it was actually only around 2am, not the morning after all. Oops. I quickly finished and skulked back to my side of the bed. Possibly not the best way to start a relationship with a new girlfriend.

We get up to cover Son's paper round and then take Doggo for a run round the park and the pond, having decided to duck out of the orienteering events that are on today. Surprisingly no one compliments me on the new woman in my life. Well I'm impressed, so chores done, I take her home and back to bed.

Our brand new, three week old freezer packs up, just after we've filled it with fresh meat. Bugger.

We go to Majestic to stock up on Xmas wines.

4.30 we collect the kids from Derby and go round to my brothers for an hour to exchange presents. A necessary deed but it is difficult to talk when he has two young children demanding attention. Another job done we head for home and I cook Lasagne with Stilton.

In the evening we watch a DVD - Everything. Ray Winstone plays the lead and for a change doesn't play a thug. He plays a man who visits a prostitute (Jan Graveson) but does not want the obvious. Each day he returns to talk but always refuses any sexual favours. Instead he wants to befriend her and understand her life. Jan Graveson has a face of stone, the body of an athlete and some mind-boggling underwear.

Watching it was almost like going to the theatre, as almost all the action takes place in one room and focuses on the two main characters without much going on elsewhere. In fact it would make a very good play. It’s a dark and deep film, which needs thought but is compelling. It is well made with top drawer acting and kept us intrigued throughout. I loved it and even liked the alternative ending.

L and I like a film that is thought provoking so that we can have a good discussion about it afterwards. There wasn't much to say about 'Everything'. In the end it was all pretty straightforward and didn’t need any deconstructing but it was still a good film.

31 Units for the week, not bad but could do better.

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