Saturday, November 11, 2006


We decide to skip the purgatory know as Orienteering this morning, there are 'nearby' events in Matlock and Coventry. We shall be putting ourselves and Doggo through enough by doing an event near Leicester tomorrow. Instead we opt for a nice long lay in, you know the kind, coffee and fruit juice in bed, a putting the world to rights session, a comotose dog taking up most of the duvet, consant interruptions by Daughter and of course lashing of sex. 2-2.

Me and doggo then partake in an hour of football, sniffing and weeing on the park.

I spend the afternoon disinfecting the eldest's computer, it has 170 known infections and I've only done the 'quick' virus scan. While I am doing this Derby win away from home again, this time 2-1 at Coventry! Now if only they could put in a decent performance at home, when I'm watching, I'd be happy.

L and I decide on a night out in Derby. Well we decide that we are spending the entire evening in one particular pub in Derby. L looks stunning in boots, black tights and a denim skirt (borrowed from Daughter!) Daughter seems slightly put out at the theft of her skirt but also flattered. It is usually the other way around, her borrowing L's clothes. All the same I am told in no uncertain terms not to grope her mother while she is wearing it! Hmmm gonna be difficult L looks good enough to eat, I could always take it off I suppose.

We go over to Derby on the bus and it is pissing it down, which cools my ardour slightly. Although L does look particularly ravishable when wet!

I clock up a fairly impressive 14 alcohol units and I'm sure L is not far behind. We have some rather nice brews from Salmander, Durham and also Marstons Old Empire.

Despite the fact L has done a chilli to soak up the beer on our return home, we are incredibly naughty and pop to our local Indian for a curry. We redeem ourselves slightly by resisting more alcohol and have softies. My Jalfrezi is excellent, L's Vindaloo very dull. Doggo loved his naan bread and the usual pork scratchings. No he wasn't in the restuarant with us we fetched him a take-away.

Unfortunately too drunk, too tired and too full of curry to do the ravishing that L's outfit deserves.

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