Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Good Boys And Girls

Wake up with a bit of a dead leg, my left, could have been yesterdays cycle or perhaps the collie slept on it, not sure which. No time for misbehaving this morning, am taking the bus. Cycling two days in a row is hard work, at least until I get fitter.

Unfortunately the bus is the slowest way to work as it involves quite a walk but it is the least stressful, also I get to listen to some music and I have downloaded a load of stuff by 'recommended' up and coming new bands. L is heading out for a run with Doggo and then for a swim, so she's easily out sporting me today.

Once at work the first email from L includes the dog's daily turd report, which wasn't included yesterday. This is vital info since the vet told us that his erm... deposits aren't firm enough to clear out his anal glands! He had to have them squeezed a few weeks ago! Ugh! Due to the panic caused by my incorrectly anticipated cycle accident, he forgot to deposit one yesterday. For the record, today's was nice and solid!

L's hamstring is still sore and she tells me another massage might be needed later. Wa-Hey, am more than happy to give her another massage, baring in mind how last nights ended! However this won't be happening until 11.40 as we're watching One Life tonight as L's boss is the surgeon on it. So that doesn’t leave much scope before the midnight watershed! It’ll have to be a quick massage! What's also worrying is the fact that that'll be two TV programmes we've watched in two days, if we keep this up we'll end up buying the Sun to keep up on the gossip or worse one of those TV mags. Either that or we'll be candidates for counselling before the end of the week.

L is planning on treating herself to either the new Scissor Sisters or The Bravery album to cheer herself up! Neither really my idea of 'cheer' but it could be worse. Then again after listening to my selection of new bands on my ipod this morning, I got to work and deleted the majority of them, nothing very exciting and then crank up the Raconteurs instead.

Email my mate the Leeds fan. Nothing from him for two days but my works email has a usually convenient way of classing most of his emails as junk mail and binning the lot, before they reach me. This is an excellent free service, except for the time he cancelled our squash match but I didn't get the email and ended up playing by myself for 45 minutes.

Manage to get in contact and yes I have been ignoring him for two whole days. Come to think of it several emails I sent myself from home haven't turned up either, so I've been ignoring myself too. Microsoft Junk Email filter, don't go there.

Good job I'm not a girl!!! He says. But women thrive on being ignored, don't they ? He agrees but promised to check with his partner just in case.

Anyhow, no he hasn't, as yet, cancelled Thursday squash match and I don't appear to have missed anything else important, apparently he ran out of derogatory things to say about the plight of Leeds United a few hours ago. Thank God I missed that two day rant. Not often Dennis Wise leaves people speechless!

Back home I run Daughter to Guides, in the car for once, we still have bombs exploding in the sky round our way, so it's not safe to walk her there, well not worth the hassle of trying to persuade Doggo to leave the safe haven of home and come with us.

After that I take Doggo to his hobby, this is Agility. Well the agility bit is my hobby, the rest of the evening - the sniffing, the digging, the weeing, the barking and whining at the other dogs and generally putting them off their runs is his hobby but we have some tenuous agreement to meet somewhere in the middle e.g. we try and be half decent over the obstacles. Tonight he is actually rather good, as he has been for the last few weeks, naturally this will all go pear shaped next time we enter an event.

We both return home covered in the foul smelling sand (horse wee presumably!) of the arena where we train. Him from digging in it, me from ... well actually, I'm not sure how I managed it.

L is limping around the kitchen after a session with her physio, so perhaps we won't get that massage session in after all and she's started gushing a day early.

We both we need a drink, alcoholics that we are, and we put a bottle of white in the fridge but in the end we don't touch it. What a good boy and girl we are.

Bike Miles: 0 - Alcohol units: 0 - Sex Units: 0 - Minutes On Bus: 150

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