Thursday, November 23, 2006

New Tyres And A Swim Float

On bus again. Run for it again.

L not happy. Says her run was awful. Dog was rubbish. Park was locked. Doggo attacked a Labrador; perhaps he got his Labs and his Retrievers mixed up and was just exacting revenge for his mugging last night. She's so depressed she's bought a bar of Dairy Milk and she's threatening Stilton for tea. Blimey, if he's eats all that lot I'll find her with her head in the gas oven by the time I get home from squash tonight. Good job it's not her who's playing tonight, what I go through on that court on a Thursday night would tip her over the edge.

England doing well in the Ashes. They have restricted the Aussies to well under 400 on day one. The Aussies look at bit complacent if you ask me; just wait till we hit them with our secret weapon. I don’t know what our secret weapon is, they’ve managed to keep it well under wraps, but I’m sure we have one. Looks like Harmison’s bowling deliberately badly to lull them into a false sense of security and as for that cunning wicketkeeper of ours; pretending to not be able to catch the ball, clever stuff.

Pub Day today. Cottage Pie and Salamander Ale.

My new tyres arrive and I get some admiring glances as I carry them home on the bus. Well I assume they are admiring glances and not looks of what’s that weirdo doing getting on the bus with two bike tyres and a swim float. Did I mention the swim float; it's not mine it's for my Psycho at home. They're all jealous really.

Manage to put my new tyres on to my bike despite a break half way through the job to play squash. All I need now is rain tomorrow so that I can give my new tyres a proper workout. So let it rain! Wa-Hey!

Make some silly mistakes in the game and throw away two games I should have won. I go down 5-2. We have one particular rally where we both manage to maim each other with our racquets, yet still continue and play out the point; impressive stuff; quality squash. Game over, we both lie on the floor of the court; close to death. You can't beat a good physical workout. We nip for a quick pint of Newby Wyke Black Squall, very nice.

Back home and L has cooked an excellent Keema. We wash this down with Old Peculier. So not very AF today. Well it is the weekend, almost.

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