Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dodgy Hamstring

Switch Nicky Campbell off and grab a quickie. L resists, insisting I should save my energy, don't want to get the bonk while I'm cycling!

Arrived at work ok. 57 mins. Am still alive. Enjoyed the route, took the flatter of my two route s to work, quite uneventful ride really, much less kamikaze traffic on this route.

Tried my new 'milk shake' recovery drink, very dull, not that I even like milk shakes. Second time I've tried it, first time I didn't add milk! It was actually better without the milk but then I'm not sure if it would do me any good without the milk.

Also a coco loco bar, very rich in cocoa, not sure I liked it, bit like a large chocolate brownie. I wouldn't eat it for fun but if it gives me an energy boost then I would consider it again but several hours later nothing has kicked in!

Email from L, her morning stroll/drag with the dog was OK. Although interrupted by a huge screech of brakes from up near where we live, which they naturally assumed was me being wiped out by one of the kamikaze motorists. I assure her it wasn't me, this time.

I email her the rules of badminton for her game with Daughter tonight. She is pleased, she is planning on introducing scoring into their weekly badminton sessions and now she learns that Ladies matches only go up to 11 and not the 15 she was expecting. Although how the scoring will work without serving I'm not sure, she's waiting a few weeks before administering lessons on that thorny subject. L warns me, that what with badminton and her dodgy hamstring, she may not be AF tonight.

Biked home in 55 mins. Then tried to take Doggo out for a walk but he refused. Here in Beirut we are still under attack from fireworks, despite the fact Guy Fawkes night was 2 days ago. Once he discovered that he was expected to walk, rather than get a ride out somewhere in the safety of the car, he about turns and goes to sit by the front door. Once inside he hides under the computer table. I'm sure he's using the fireworks just as an excuse to pack in even more sleep, he is becoming such a lard arse.

Do corned beef hash for all of us and then I have a new experience as L wants to watch Trinny and Susannah!!!! I hasten to add that this is not something she's watched before! Well not that I know of, unless it is a guilty secret she has managed to keep quiet. Doggo sighs loudly and hides behind the settee. Out of some kind of sadist curiosity I watch it with her but from tonights evidence it not something I'll put myself through again. Do people actually watch this stuff for pleasure ?

L is fed up, she didn't get her planned lunchtime run as her hamstring is too sore. So we retire early and I get the pleasure of inflicting pain on L while I massage her injured hamstring for her. Mind you I think the pain in my thumbs from administering it must be almost as bad as the pain she is feeling! Happily the pain seems to turn us both on and we round the day of with a very enjoyable one-all draw.

Bike Miles: 28 - Alcohol Units: 0 - Sex Units 2(1)

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