Monday, November 13, 2006


Not much to report today, Mondays are always a bit flat after a good weekend. The only thing worth blogging about was that it was a really good sex day but not sure L would want me going in to details. Particularly the bit about asking me to come to bed in my cycling shorts and she tell me I'm perverse!

I am driving in today, so have time for a bit of indulgence before I go, which gets the day off to an excellent start.

By car; the journey to work is a nightmare, over an hour. Will not be driving again this week. In fact ought to try and give up this driving to work lark completely.

L's email is down but my mates isn't and he accusing me of cooking up some fiendish plot in the fantasy league. His plot seems to be to sign all my players, he's now pinched my goalkeeper and he's still eyeing up Gareth Barry, bad back or not. Who needs a plot, good team management will shine through in the end. Wonder if he thinks I'm plotting because I've managed to amass £3M in the bank. Hmmm I like the look of that Lampard character.

In the evening dropped L and Daughter off at L's mums on my way to dog training. More nightmares with the traffic. Doggo is pretty good again tonight and fast! Wonder it he's plotting something...

Back home; have unhealthy bacon and cheese sandwiches, washed down with healthier Tuscan bean soup.

Still struggling with a dodgy thigh, so take up the offer of a massage from L, as I intend to cycle tomorrow. No I didn't come to bed in my cycling shorts but would have done had L insisted.

She shows me what she's learnt from her physio; doing the massage naked is a nice touch and helps take my mind off the pain she inflicts. Feel I have to repay her attentions and enjoy doing so; as I said it was a very good sex day.

AF again.

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