Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Clouds

Back on the bike today, complete with swanky new tyres but bugger it's not raining. No mishaps, no punctures, new tyres felt very good, the grip is certainly better. I felt totally knackered when I start out, a hangover from the previous night's heroics on the squash court and I worry about whether I'll be able to get up the hills.

I start slow but soon get in the swing of things. Despite tired legs I power my way to a new course record - 53 minutes 25 seconds. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Good job I did my usual warm up before I got out of bed; I'm sure it helped loosen a few muscles. My ride was impressive because it was quicker even than when I ‘raced’ that chap last week. Although I suppose the traffic, which was surprisingly quiet today, might have had something to do with it.

Australia score a meagre 602-9. England knock up a quick 50 for the loss of only three wickets.

L emails in that her morning has been 'OK I suppose', she's either still depressed or she's been reading my blog. She also suggests that the only reason I got 'romantic' with her this morning was in case I ended up under a juggernaut. Hmmmm, think perhaps she has been reading my blog.

Of course it wasn't the only reason and they do say you should live every day as if it’s your last! L's not impressed with that mantra, saying it won't do her weight or alcohol consumption any good. With that she does offline to go and get 220 Triathlon magazine for some inspiration.

The bike home is fairly straightforward and event free. I also think it was pretty fast but the clock disagrees.

In the evening we go back over to Derby on the bus. L has a black cloud hovering above her, so she obviously is still depressed. Unfortunately black clouds do not dilute well in alcohol. She seems annoyed mainly at her lack of fitness and feels unfit. Despite that, she looks sensational again when she goes out in Daughter's skirt again.

We meet up with some friends and go for a Mexican with them. The Mexican is very good and good value for what we pay. We have a nice drop of Pinot Noir with it and some excellent beer too.

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